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Coach Education Clinics

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Soccer School UK run coach education packages both domestically and Internationally. Our staff deliver 1-5 day seminars for clubs looking to develop their understanding of how to develop an elite philosophy, both on and off the field. Our education packages can be tailored around the specific requirements of the respective club, with previous courses including China, U.S.A, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Spain and various locations throughout the UK.

In terms of the content, our packages vary and are tailored around the needs of the club. Examples include working with specific age group squads, delivering individual based sessions, technical practices, session ideas around specific topics, delivering a specific periodised syllabus to coaches and planning a season tactically.

For specific information around age groups and the detailed content of a course, Jay Cochrane is the specialist for Foundation ages 5-11 years with Tim Lees being the 12-19’s lead. Courses commonly include education and sessions based around our principles:

‘The Four Moments’ and subcomponents of each


– In possession (play from the back against various systems, through the middle, final third, wide areas, rotations, movements, patterns & combinations)

– Out of possession (high block, medium block, low block and pressing triggers for each)

– Counter attack (full length counter, from a regain, collective, individual & principles)

– Counter Defend (drop, protect key areas, 1v1/1v2 defending techniques)


One V One Situations


– Defender behind (75% of one v one situations)

– Defender in front (Ronaldo work)

– Defender on the side (Scholes work)

– Defender on the covering angle when not set (Zidane/Maradona work)


To hire our staff or book an education course, please email detailing:

– Location

– Dates

– Course requirements

– Staff and specialist areas required

– Facilities available