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iFDA head of player development Jay Cochrane recently returned from an international trip to Sweden with Liverpool FC‘s famous international academy. Hot on the heels of iFDA staff visit to Rayo Vallecano, Jay experienced the footballing culture in Sweden with all Liverpool staff.

During the fortnight-long tour, Liverpool FC visited 4 major cities including Stockholm, Uppsalla, Gavle and Kumla delivering the International Football Academy syllabus to around 300 passionate young Swedish footballers.

‘When I was asked about my availability and if I could go to Sweden, I was really enthusiastic about going. I meant missing iFDA but it was a one off and I knew alot of the coaches and wanted to be able to see them work. I wasn’t disappointed, the quality of information given to the players is fully reflective of the real game. The four main principles which all coaches adhere to are:

1. Movement before the pass

2. Quality of the pass

3. Receive on the backfoot

Soccer Camp Uk

IFK Kumla, facility for the last 3 days. Swedish 3rd division

4. Break the line 

‘The same messages were being delivered all the time, it really was top quality. Seeing the enthusiasm with the Liverpool staff had has really blown me away. It made no difference whether the player was a beginner, male or female or almost a senior, they were all challenged individually. I came to appreciate the difficulty of this skill set and would like to thank Liverpool FC for such a fantastic experience.’

While away Jay was interviewed by several media bodies, with one of his interviews published here


Now it is back to business as usual with the residential football course kicking off in just over 2 weeks, everyone at The iFDA is waiting in anticipation for what promises to be the best residential soccer camp yet!