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Places for this years summer soccer camp in England have been selling without an official launch being undertaken due to demand being so high.

In the 5 seasons iFDA has been in existence, this year has seen our highest all time demand for places. Demand has more than tripled from last year

‘We have been inundated from parents from all over the world who are trying to book their children on to our course. Lots of parents are calling for two main points – soccer trials and player development. With The iFDA having organised somewhere in the region of 70 trials in the last 3 years people are keen to be involved. Most importantly though is the development, we would say we are very proud of our philosophy and our residential football programme, not to mention our exceptional facility,’ said Tim Lees – Head of Residential Football.

We are now officially taking applications and for more information please contact us through the website. Hope to see you in Summer!