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With the completion of week one of 2013’s summer soccer camp in England, major benefits for all players who attended have been experienced.

Two players have gained professional football trials in England and over 40 footballers aged 8-20 have been educated in playing out from the back, possession based build up phases, countering and transitional play, defending and high technical detail drills.

Soccer Camp

Daily strength and conditioning sessions, full lower limb activation


With players flying in from countries such as Ireland, Switzerland, Kenya, Spain, America, Canada and Brazil a true international football festival was experienced. The residential course provided each player with 25 hours of Premier League academy coaching, split into set intervals designed to ensure maximal peaks and troughs in intensities for exponential technical returns.

The emphasis was on technical competency and our football philosophy of the 4 P’s – possession, progression, penetration and pressurisation. Therefore each player on the iFDA summer soccer camp in England experienced over 2000 touches of a football per day – minimum.

All staff were ecstatic with the culture created and each day staff commented on how had the players were working. Week 2 commences Sunday 4th August with all places now sold out.

Elite soccer training

Week 1, final session