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Zach Chadwick has joined The iFDA, two months after signing a contract with Wigan Athletic Academy.

Having trialled at several professional clubs including Manchester City Academy and Manchester United Academy, Zach was offered a trial with Wigan Athletic Academy where he trained up with the year above. He was offered a contract and signed immediately.

‘Zach’s real gift is the focus he brings to every training session. There is no doubt his technical ability is absolutely top level, but watching him work you understand how his focus helps him work tirelessley on principles which other players may not grasp so quickly. His work rate is through the roof and with his ability to focus and learn his development so far has highly accelerated. If he was knitting a jumper, he would be looking at the gaps between the wool and the micro threads which make the wool, not the needles and wool strands – if you understand me.’ Jay Cochrane said.

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Zach playing for Manchester City

Jay also said, ‘He is understanding overloads in certain areas of the pitch that we would probably teach him later in the season, but as he works so hard he is always on the ball and so may encounter these situations twice as many times as other players. His understanding of the philosophy is scary at times. Since joining iFDA elite development centre his attitude has had a huge impact on all his peers, increasing the competition in training and therefore everyone benefits more.’

All staff wish Zach, and his big brother Matthew, who has also trialled with Wigan Athletic, a warm welcome to iFDA Elite Development Centre! We look forward to welcoming you to the residential football course in years to come!