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A massive congratualtions to Troy Hives from Wigan, who, having had a very impressive 12 months, is currently training with Liverpool FC, Bolton Wanderers FC and Wigan Athletic. A highly talented young man, Troy originally came to the attention of iFDA coach Jay Cochrane in a training session with his local team.

Troy was immediately asked to attend The iFDA weekly development centre, training with Reece Kelly, before coming to the attention of Bolton Wanderers and then Liverpool. Upon Wigan Athletic commencing a pre-academy programme, Troy was then offered his third club in a matter a months and as he is below U9 age group he is eligible to train with all 3.

Simon Hives, Troy’s father says ‘He just loves football, if he isn’t at the academies he plays with his friends at home. If he’s not playing outside he’s annoying me and his mum by kicking the ball in the house, if he’s not doing that he’s watching any game he can on TV!’

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iFDA coach Jay Cochrane said ‘Troy is a firm favourite with all staff at The iFDA, not because he is technically excellent for his age, displaying excellent passing and receiving techniques coupled with a strong ability to turn when his defender is beside him, but because he is a pleasure to be around. He is always first to shake hands and his excellent attitude carries across into his training with him displaying a fantastic work ethic and hunger to be on the ball. Ultimately, with this attitude he engages more contact with the football and therefore his motor programmes and techniques develop rapidly. Like many young footballers who go on to trial, Troy’s unique talent is his love of football and how hard he works as a result of his passion for the game – this is the most important thing as most of the rest can be taught or induced.We wish him all the best and he will always have an open door to all iFDA courses. He is a true ambassador of what we are about. Well done Troy, keep working hard but most importantly keep having fun!’

We all wish Troy the best and are excited to see what the future holds for him.



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