How We Develop Your Child

Our philosophy and methodology underpins everything we do. We have set principles which we believe in and these never change regardless of the course, education or camp we deliver. First and foremost, effective player development is about providing a stimulating and challenging environment for players to improve their unique footballing abilities. We do this in a pioneering and innovative format. This page will provide a general description of our beliefs and values.

We specialise in differentiating the five corners of technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social requirements of the individual. We believe being good with the ball is only a very small part of full development and so we adhere to these five corners – a player may have refined techniques but without a work ethic or game understanding their progression will be limited. Our programmes put the positional and age specific individual requirements of each individual under the microscope. Our annual residential soccer camp in England focuses not on improving a team or squad’s ability to affect matches but the individual’s ability to affect the team.

Many programmes deliver sessions which are visually stimulating to bystanders and players alike – fast ball circulation is a classic trademark, but it is our opinion that time could be better spent focusing on the individual requirements of the players. As of season 2012/13, the implementation of The Elite Player Performance Plan by the Premier League has completely changed the development of young football players in England.We are the only soccer school in the world which has applied these exact same principles thus delivering current academy quality and formatted training sessions to maximise individual development.

We tailor all of our football courses to the individual, catering for their specific learning styles and areas of development. In short, we run an individual one to one based course, for every child that we accept onto and of our courses.

More Detail

Expert Coaches

Coaching from current academy staff and ex-professionals who have played and/or coached at the highest level. Our coaches are involved in the professional game on a day-to-day basis designing, implementing and delivering to the top 1% of players in England. We are constantly reviewing and researching the best methods of delivery and practice on a daily basis having delivered programmes for some of the best clubs in European football. Our coaches are not only experts in academy football, but specific to the ages within the academy setup. Our main staff coach on every event we do which is why we do not franchise out; quality is the most important principle to us.

1v1, 2v1, 3v2 and 4v2 Scenarios

We believe that once the individual/team has the relevant knowledge of the shape required by management, regardless of the system, the game becomes about creating these four scenarios all over the pitch. We highlight the four 1v1 scenarios that players need to master and exactly how to create and exploit the most prevalent overload situations (2v1 and 3v2 scenarios). This reads very simplistic yet it is fundamentally one of the most difficult tasks a young footballer can undertake.

In-depth Tactical Knowledge

Tactical advice on age specific topics derived from current elite systems. Whether it be establishing trigger points when defending deep, which passing lines to cut off when pressing high or even how, where and when to create overloads in possession, we are constantly trying to evolve.  We deliver the most modern and pioneering tactics that are relevant to the game in 2018 as opposed to teaching players how to play in a straight line 4-4-2 for example.

Psychologic & Social Support

Social support, confidence building and leadership exercises which will see each player flourish. Whether your child is preparing for a trial at scholarship level, rebuilding his confidence after being released or psychologically behind his peers at U9 entry point, we place a huge emphasis on this area. We have qualified Sports Psychologists on every course who are on hand to provide advice and support.

Attitude and Application

We pride ourselves in creating a mentality in players who come away from our courses with a constant desire to be the very best they can be. Players understand the transferability of these vital life skills. Shaking hands properly, eye contact, manners, having fun and working hard are principles which are the most important part of our courses.


Technical practices, drills and exercises which can be performed alone away from training to provide maximum improvement. The technical area is a huge focus of our courses. Please contact us directly for more information as we do not want to publicly release our technical programme.


A professional outlook not only on football but life. In short, if the player comes with the right attitude, we will provide the ultimate environment for them to flourish. Players will be pushed outside their comfort zone whilst enjoying themselves in the most stimulating and inspiring environment.

Physical Exercises

Physical exercises which are age and position specific from 9-22 years. We have qualified football experts in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Science and Nutrition.

Mental Attributes

A motivation, desire and attitude to want to be the best and compete at the top level.


Because kids “just want to have fun”!